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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Spirituality & Astrology With kundalini yogi

 Spirituality & Astrology

The soul, a mystical entity that science has failed to explore, is one of the basic and most innate units of life. Our past karma and our present actions come together and weave what we know as Destiny. While science cannot explain the influence of good or bad deeds upon our future or how one can attain supreme peace or Bliss, the art of astrology can.

Jyotish (astrology) is known as the ‘Light of God’. It helps you see beyond your immediate situation, and know that it is just a phase you are going through. Astrology reassures you that whatever wrong is happening, it is only for a short time and will change soon; even in Geeta it says ‘Nothing is Permanent.’

Astrology and the awakening of Kundalini

It is important for us to know the relation between the Planets and various Chakras.

1. Kundalini – Rahu.

2. Muladhar Chakra – Venus.

3. Swadhisthan Chakra – Mars.

4. Manipur Chakra – Sun.

5. Anahat (Heart) Chakra – Jupiter.

6. Vishuddha (Throat) Chakra – Mercury.

7. Agnya (Third Eye) Chakra – Moon.

8. Sahastradhar Chakra – Saturn.

9. Ojas (Samadhi) – Ketu.

Planetary conditions in Horoscope responsible for Kundalini Awakening: –

1. Square, Trine, Parivartan, Conjunction or Opposition between Jupiter & Sun, Moon or Rahu.

2. Square, Trine, Parivartan, Conjunction, Opposition or Aspect of Venus with Jupiter or Saturn.

3. Jupiter in 8th House, or related with 8th House or more planets in 8th House.

4. Square, Trine, Parivartan, Conjunction, Opposition or Aspect of Venus with the Lord of 10th House.

In a Horoscope, if the number of conditions applicable is either one or more, then Kundalini Awakening becomes easier. If Rahu falls in a fiery or airy sign in the Horoscope, it is believed that the person progresses quickly towards the Divine power. One is likely to get some Siddhi too. For getting Diksha from a Satpurush (Saint), it is important to have a favorable Moon & Saturn in transit. Also Jupiter & Venus should not be in conjunction with Sun at the time of Diksha. This is how one can figure out how far he or she is astrologically capable of Addhyaatm (a divine life) & the extent of his or her success.

Astrological factors influencing a kundalini yogi:

Kundalini Shakti axis:Rahu/Ketu nodes indicates serpentine kundalini power axis. Rahu represents ego and physical body its desires and gratification and placed at North Pole or the Root chakra. 

Ketu on the other hand represents renunciation, liberation and ultimate freedom from material affairs resented by South Pole of Crown chakra. When Rahu succeeds in turning its purpose from material gratification and raises its level to the spirituality of Ketu, rising of kundalini power begins. In this mystical journey Rahu from the root chakra unify with the Ketu at Crown chakra for enlightenment.

Mooladhar or Root chakra: Saturn, earth element, gives physical shape to our body; equivalent endocrine glands are sex and gonads.

Swadisthana or naval chakra: Jupiter, water element, rules feelings and sexuality

Hara or Manipur Chakra: Mars, fire element, will power, rules power and action.

Anahata or Heart chakra: Venus, air element, thymus gland, indicates universal love.

Visudhi or Throat chakra: ether as element, Mercury, thyroid and parathyroid, rules awareness of a person.

Ajna or Third eye chakra: no element, Sun/Moon, pituitary gland, indicates self realization.

Sahastrara or Crown chakra: penal gland, the seeker is being eternally established in oneness of the God.

8th house: indicates mystical and secret techniques of spiritual advancement.

Scorpio/Cancer/Pisces: are water signs represents moksha.

4th/8th/12th house: are salvation houses.


Planetary conditions in Horoscope responsible for Kundalini Awakening: -

·         Jupiter posited in 8th house or related with 8th house or more planets placed in

 8th house indicates advancement in kundalini yoga.

·         Venus- and lord of 10th house are related by square/conjunction/trine/oppos- ition/aspect/association /Parivartan

·        - Venus related to Jupiter/Saturn

·       -   Sun and Jupiter are influenced by Moon/Rahu

·         Rahu falling in fire signs [Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius] indicates quick advancement towards mystical powers and attainment of powerful siddhis.

·         Placement of Saturn in tenth house from Ascendant or Moon indicates rapid spiritual progress.

·         Saturn related to Sun indicates sudden rise in spiritual field which sometimes demands sacrifice at some stage of life.

·         Jupiter and Saturn trine/quadrant to each other indicates

·         Lords of 9th and 10th house are related in any way indicates spiritual advancement.

·        -  The Atma Karaka [planet in the highest degree in the horoscope] will fall in moksha or salvation houses [4th, 8th, and 12th] and liberation signs [Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces] indicate higher spiritual awareness.

·         - Atma Karaka falling in watery signs in Navamansa chart indicates final liberation, because a water sign represents dissolution or merging with infinite.

·         Placement of Jupiter and Ketu or Moon and Ketu in 12th house indicates attainment of very higher spiritual plane after death.

·         In a horoscope, if the number of conditions applicable is more than one then the kundalini awakening becomes easier and fast.

Astrology and Spiritual Growth, an Excerpt from the Introduction

Astrology is the yoga of time. It is a form of sacred knowledge that teaches us to live consciously as embodied beings in a temporal world. Study of the birth chart enables us to find our next step in evolution, whether this means going to school and choosing an occupation, forming a relationship, healing ourselves emotionally or physically, building a business, focused on social activism, or developing a meditation practice. Astrology is a reliable guide through life’s changes. It is a means of sanctifying earthly existence and fulfilling its challenges with courage, clarity and joy.