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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Rahu or Ketu In The 7th House: Vedic Astrology | Who is GOOD

 Rahu or Ketu In The 7th House: Vedic Astrology | Who is GOOD

Areas Affected due to Rahu in 7th House

  • Power
  • Wealth
  • Relationship
  • Marital peace
  • Life companion

Positive Traits/Impact:

The natives with the placement of Rahu in 7th house are likely to experience a blissful married life which will be filled with emotions of love, affection, attachment, and respect. The love between the natives and their life partner is never-ending, the fondness between them is undying and their divine devotion is something that cannot be expressed in words. The horoscope of male and female natives present perfect examples of loving, sharing and caring to others.

The presence of Rahu in the seventh house can make the natives live a well-balanced married life. It may also help them in business partnership as having partners may lead the natives to greater profitability. Their gains in business may even make them rise very high. It is likely that the presence of Rahu in the horoscope may endow these individuals with unexpected gains in terms of wealth and fortune. The natives of Rahu in the 7th house are good negotiators and they always grab new business and real estate opportunities as and when they come.

Negative Traits/Impact:

However, in certain situations, Rahu in the 7th house may adversely impact the natives’ life and relationship, whose core is marital life harmony as per marriage predictions for Rahu in the 7th house. As stated in Vedic Astrology, natives of Rahu in the 7th house may lose their positivity and happiness if their marital life is not going well. And if that happens, they may get tired of their partners and may want to get rid of them. This may reverse their life’s flow and they may face tough times. They may want to embark on new relationships and start their life afresh. The malefic influence of Rahu fills the life of individuals with sorrow, pain, hardships, and faithlessness.

Also, If Rahu is placed in the 7th house then, there is a higher chance of getting the companion (wife/husband) from a foreign land. As per the horoscope of females of Rahu in 7th house, these women may have a materialistic attitude towards life and may expect more worldly success from their partners. This can bring about clashes in their married life.

On the other hand, the effect of Rahu in the 7th house may make the natives good at business and are capable of building their own financial empire in a short time. However, they may have a lot of enemies, hurdles, and opposition in their business. The problems of Rahu in the 7th house can be sorted out by using proper remedies.

Vastu Tips: भूलकर भी इस तरह न रखें जूते-चप्पल, घर में आता है दुर्भाग्य

Vastu Tips: भूलकर भी इस तरह न रखें जूते-चप्पल, घर में आता है दुर्भाग्य

घर में सुख-समृद्धि लाने के लिए वास्तु शास्त्र के नियम बहुत उपयोगी होते हैं. वास्तु के नियम सकारात्मक और नकारात्मक ऊर्जा पर आधारित हैं. वास्तु में हर एक वस्तु की एक निश्चित दिशा बताई गई है. वास्तु में घर पर जूते-चप्पलों को रखने के भी अलग नियम हैं. इन नियमों का पालन ना करने से घर में दुर्भाग्य आता है. इसके प्रभाव से व्यक्ति का जीवन परेशानियों से घिर जाता है और आर्थिक समस्याओं का सामना तक करना पड़ता है. आइए जानते हैं जूते-चप्पलों से जुड़े वास्तु के इन नियमों के बारे में.

  1. जूते-चप्पलों को कभी भी उल्टा नहीं रखना चाहिए. कहते हैं कि इससे घर में नकारात्मक ऊर्जा आती है और परिवार की सुख-शांति बाहर जाती है. उल्टे-सीधे रखे चप्पल इस बात का भी संकेत देते हैं कि आपके धन के आगमन का रास्ता रुक सकता है.
  2. जल्दबाजी में जूते-चप्पलों को कहीं भी उतारने से बचना चाहिए. इससे घर में दरिद्रता आ सकती है. घर के सदस्यों को आर्थिक दिक्कतों से भी गुजरना पड़ सकता है. वास्तु के अनुसार जूते और चप्पलों को उत्तर या पूर्व दिशा में नहीं रखना चाहिए.
  3. उत्तर या पूर्व दिशा चप्पल-जूते रखने से घर की सकारात्मक ऊर्जा समाप्त होती है. ये दिशा मां लक्ष्मी की होती है और इस दिशा में जूते रखने से घर में मां लक्ष्मी का वास नहीं होता है.
  4. वास्तु के अनुसार, घर पर जूते-चप्पल को हमेशा जूतों की अलमारी में रखना चाहिए. इस अलमारी को भी हमेशा दक्षिण या पश्चिम दिशा में रखना चाहिए. जूते-चप्पल रखने के लिए यही दिशा शुभ मानी जाती है.
  5. बाहर से आते वक्त भी जूते-चप्पलों को दक्षिण या पश्चिम दिशा में ही उतारना चाहिए. वास्तु शास्त्र में जूत-चप्पलों को घर के मुख्य द्वार पर उतारना अशुभ माना जाता है.

Thursday, January 19, 2023




You seek a partner who you can have fun with and who gets your sense of humor. Your spouse will be very communicative, with a lot of hobbies and interests.

Mercury is a nice DaraKaraka to have, because relationships based on friendships mean you feel free to express your true nature instead of pretending to be someone you’re not. When you’re young you may have to learn that the person who is “the most fun” doesn’t always make the best partner.

As always, the sign and house your DaraKaraka is placed in provides greater detail. For example, if your DaraKaraka is in Pisces, then your spouse will have some other kind of Piscean influence. The house your Darakarka is placed in will be a significant house for your spouse. They’ll have important planets placed there and their personality will have to do with the qualities of that house. Mercury as DaraKaraka often means your spouse has Gemini or Virgo significant in their chart, such as their Sun sign, ascendant, etc.


Conjunctions and aspects from friendly and enemy planets affect the qualities of the DaraKaraka. Positive aspects and conjunctions to Mercury will create more harmonious communication. Venus is a great friend to Mercury, so Venus conjunction or aspecting Mercury will improve your enjoyment of your spouse. Jupiter is neutral to Mercury, but as a benefic planet, it gives a positive influence to the spouse in a conjunction.

The Moon, however, is an enemy to Mercury. The Moon’s conjunction or aspect creates emotional issues that get in the way of a friendly relationship. A Saturn conjunction or aspect makes your spouse more serious-minded, and so on.

Another thing about Mercury DaraKaraka is your spouse may be younger. Your spouse brings a sense of fun and lightheartedness to your relationship.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

How to read or analyse your Drekana Chart


How to read or analyse your Drekana Chart ( D3 )


What is D3?
D3 is the third house of the horoscope and represents it in a detailed manner.

A few of the characteristics of D3 are valour, strength, courage, communication, immediate younger sibling, unfolding of Karma or fruits of your action(karma), short travels, native’s thought process, upper arms, ears and throat.
D3 can also signify the natives skill set.

The 3 Sages who rule the Drekkanas of a sign are:




Planets in a movable sign belong to Sage Narada
Planets in the fixed sign belong to Sage Agastya
Planets in dual sign belong to Sage Durvasa.


Firstly we need to see the characteristics of Sage Narada in the Puranas and draw a parallel to the planets.

For example when we think of Sage Narada the qualities that strike us immediately are love for travel, taleteller, messenger of Gods, a great Yogi devoted to God but giving in to his base desires.

Similarly if a planet is placed in the Fixed Signs under Sage Agastya in D3, the planets would represent a strong sense of determination and a will to accept challenges head-on, destroy enemies, help others and live a sedentary lifestyle.

Now if planets are placed in Dual signs under Sage Durvasa in D3 then the planets would represent temperamental tendencies, egoistic and orthodox behaviour, impatience and the ability to cause great harm if angry.

Every Drekkana ranges over 10 degrees and is further divided into 3deg20′ each. This is called Navamsha.

The First Navamsha is ruled by the Gods ( Devgan)
The Second Navamsha is ruled by Humans ( Manushyagana)
The Third Navamsha is ruled by Demons ( Rakshasgana)

The above 3 also represent the 3 Gunas.
Dev is Sattvick.
Manushya is Rajasic.
Rakshasa is Tamasic.

Hence the Lagna, Lagna Lord and Moon of the D1 and their placement in D3 with the Guna of Navamsha indicate the physical trend and mental disposition of the native.

In D3 :-

FIRST HOUSE represents the wellbeing of the natives sibling and their relationship. Also indicates the possibility of having a younger sibling. Alongwith that it shows the native’s drive and approach to life.

SECOND HOUSE is the 12th from 3rd house of courage signifying loss of courage and lack of inclination. It also shows the amount of expenditure towards younger siblings and gain of wealth from siblings.

THIRD HOUSE shows initiative, focus and success or failure of the action or efforts undertaken. It also represents the native’s immediate younger sibling.

FOURTH HOUSE represents happiness and joy from the native’s sibling.

FIFTH HOUSE signifies the native’s thought process towards their siblings and inclination towards planning.

SIXTH HOUSE shows the obstacles in getting results of the planned action of the native.

SEVENTH HOUSE represents the sexual inclinations and desires.

EIGHTH HOUSE signifies the longevity, khara and obstacles in fulfilment of desires.

NINTH HOUSE signifies the luck in completion of goals.

TENTH HOUSE represents the effort put in to achieve goals.

ELEVENTH HOUSE shows the fulfilment of desires and lust.

TWELFTH HOUSE signifies the loss of efforts, losses and separation from siblings.

Drekkana is a very important chart as it indicates the PURVAPUNYA. Also, it represents the 3H of the horoscope and it can indicate whether the efforts or action taken by the native will give a positive or negative outcome.

Always, check the placement of the lagna lord, 5th lord and 9th lord of the D1 in D3.

Lagna Lord is Aatma.
5th Lord is Jivatma.
9th Lord is Parmatma.

=> Planets in 3H or with 3rd lord indicate failure or success of any activity.
=> D3 shows the fruit of any or every karma, while D10 is the action of the karma.
=> A Dhan yoga in D3 signifies ample siblings.
=> A Raj yoga in D3 indicates siblings at a high stature.

D3 is an interesting chart to interpret and can also determine the sex of the co-born.





Nurturing, adaptable, and emotion-centered, Moon Darakaraka seeks the deepest level of emotional bonding. It knows that shining light on all the hidden aspects of each other and bringing all feelings to the surface is where true love is found…


Your spouse has a significant Moon in their chart, or they will have a strong Cancer influence. Your Moons could be in the same sign or same house, which increases your emotional connection to each other.

For you, a strong emotional bond is paramount. Being comforted and having your emotional needs met is the most important thing for you. You get a partner who is emotionally expressive – they will show their feelings readily and may even be “overly” emotional. Typically this gives a nurturing, feminine spouse. It gives a husband who is in tune with his (and your) emotions and sympathetic to your feelings.

The Moon has a strong connection with the home. If Moon is your DaraKaraka, your spouse is very invested in working on the home. Either an enthusiastic homemaker or someone who is always investing time and money into projects around the house. If they’re a lower energy kind of person, it could simply be that they are a “homebody.”

Moon DaraKaraka makes a person adaptable in relationships. As long as your emotional needs are being met, you can adapt quite a bit. However, the Moon is also highly sensitive and easily hurt, so if these needs aren’t met it’s especially painful for you.

The Moon is a social planet who craves connection, so your spouse will be quite sociable. As the fastest moving planet that is always fluctuating, it gives a spouse with a somewhat restless personality.

For a more in-depth information about your DaraKaraka, note the sign and house placements and check its dignity in the Saptamsha (D7) and Navamsa(D9) charts.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Predict Your Marriage Age


Darakaraka | Your Husband or Wife Secrets | Predict Your Marriage Age

How to Find Your Marriage Age There are dozens of ways your Darakaraka can bring marriage into your life. Below is a list of some of ways in which your Darakaraka can indicate a marriage. If you are single and looking for the perfect someone you can use the list below to predict your marriage age using your Darakaraka as your marriage indicator. You need to look for these combinations below in your D1 (Birth Chart) and D9 (Navamsa chart). To narrow down the timing one of the indicators below has to be occurring in addition to Jupiter and Saturn aspecting your Lagna, Lagna Lord, 7th House, or 7th House lord.

1. Darakaraka in Lagna/Ascendant: The Darakaraka in the 1st house is a strong indicator of marriage because it aspect the 7th house of marriage and long-term relationships. Subsequently, when your Darakaraka is positioned in your Lagna (1st House) marriage is indicated when you run the Dasha of the Darakaraka (the planet that signifies your Darakaraka).

2. The MDL Conjunct Darakaraka: Marriage can take place when the Mahadasha Lord (MDL) is conjunct your Darakaraka. Meghan Markle married Prince Harry when her Darakaraka was in conjunction with her MDL (Jupiter)

3. Darakaraka aspect MDL: If your Darakaraka aspect your MDL a marriage can take place. The marriage will be trigger when you run the Dasha of the planet is being aspected by your Darakaraka. 

Sunday, January 15, 2023

8th House Dainya (बदहाली और गरीब ) Yoga

 8th House Dainya (बदहाली और गरीब ) Yoga in Birth Chart | tic (8th) house in astrology⛪ | ⛺

What are the areas that the House rules and governs in individual life?

The 8th House in Kundli is also related to wealth. All the sudden and unexpected events that take place in the growth and reduction of wealth happen due to the changes triggered by the 8th house. Things like sudden gains, losses, windfalls in share wealth, inheritances, insurance, etc happen due to the 8th house. Thus, the 8th house is also called the house of transformation and mysteries. An unfavourable planetary formation in house number 8 may cause depression, delay, dissatisfaction and defeat. The body parts which are governed by the 8th house are the reproductive system and the cologne area.

Significance of the 8th House

Well, the 8th house is strongly linked to the sharp variations in different areas of life including wealth, fortune and so on. It is about the ups and downs in destiny and the highs and lows in the areas which are linked to human happiness. A good planetary position in the 8th house can boost the fortunes of a native enormously. On the other hand, an adverse alignment herein can mark troubles, difficulties and challenges. But, you can ward off the malefic effects of planets with the help of astrological remedies.Get effective remedies to reduce the impact of malefic planetary influences with your Janampatri.

How critical can an afflicted 8th House be?

If the planets in 8th house in horoscope are afflicted, it may affect the longevity of that person. It may cause him/her chronic illness and various forms of misery, mental peace may be lost. There may even be monetary issues, criminal involvement, penalty or punishment, addictions, deformities, losing the loved ones, death and other types of problems.

Positive influence of the 8th House

On the other hand, if the 8th house is positive, it may have several positive outcomes. Like, the person may have a long life and he/she is likely to overcome oppositions and enemies. Besides, those who have a strong `planetary position in the 8th house will be more inclined towards the metaphysical subjects and issues related to psychic abilities. These people are also masters in academic subjects like psychology, science, mathematics, and paranormal studies as depicted in the 8th house Vedic astrology.

What picture does the 8th House project for future prediction?

In the more worldly Astrology, 8th house represents things like natural calamities, death rates in a country, losing conflicts, debts, import-export, taxes, deficits in budgets. It also caters to confidential things, research work, mining, minerals, archaeology. It is said that the 8th house makes the person withdraw from material pleasures. The 8th house shows the difficult side of life. It shows harsh reality and ruthlessness of the worldly affairs. Thus, the 8th house deters us from the path of materialism and shows us the glory of the spiritual life. The house may put you on the path to liberation. The 8th house can act as a big game-changer because it can alter the purpose and course of our life.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

किन लोगों को मिल सकती है सरकारी नौकरी


किन लोगों को मिल सकती है सरकारी नौकरी? जान सकते हैं जन्म कुंडली के इन योगों से

आज के दौर में हर व्यक्ति नौकरी की तलाश में रहता है ताकि उसके जीवन में किसी प्रकार की परेशानी न हो। इनमें से अधिकांश लोग चाहते हैं कि उन्हें सरकारी नौकरी मिले। इसके लिए वे तैयारी भी करते हैं, लेकिन बहुत कम लोगों का ये सपना पूरा हो पाता है। ज्योतिष शास्त्र के अनुसार, कुंडली में ग्रह-नक्षत्र की कुछ विशेष परिस्थितियां सरकारी नौकरी के योग का निर्माण करती हैं।

आज के दौर में हर व्यक्ति नौकरी की तलाश में रहता है ताकि उसके जीवन में किसी प्रकार की परेशानी न हो। इनमें से अधिकांश लोग चाहते हैं कि उन्हें सरकारी नौकरी मिले। इसके लिए वे तैयारी भी करते हैं, लेकिन बहुत कम लोगों का ये सपना पूरा हो पाता है। ज्योतिष शास्त्र के अनुसार, कुंडली में ग्रह-नक्षत्र की कुछ विशेष परिस्थितियां सरकारी नौकरी के योग का निर्माण करती हैं। आगे जानिए जन्म कुंडली में कब बनते हैं सरकारी नौकरी के योग…

1. गुरु का प्रभाव यश एवं कीर्ति तथा शुभ कर्म करने वाले लोगों पर देखा जाता है। अधिकतर उच्च पदों पर कार्यरत लोगों की कुंडली में बुध आदित्य योग जरूर होता है।

2. जब किसी व्यक्ति की कुंडली में दशम स्थान में सूर्य, मंगल या गुरु की दृष्टि पड़ रही होती है तो सरकारी नौकरी का प्रबल योग बन जाता है।
3. अगर किसी का लग्न मेष, मिथुन, सिंह, वृश्चिक, वृष या तुला है तो सरकारी नौकरी के लिए अच्छा योग बनते हैं।
4. जब कुंडली में सूर्य, गुरु या चन्द्रमा एक साथ हो तो सरकारी नौकरी के लिए अच्छे योग बन जाते हैं।
5. जन्म कुंडली में लग्न का स्वामी बलवान होकर दशम भाव में बैठे या दशम भाव में सभी शुभ ग्रह हों और दशम भाव का स्वामी बली होकर अपनी या अपनी मित्र राशि में होकर केंद्र या त्रिकोण में हो तो व्यक्ति दीर्घायु होता है और उसका भाग्य राजा के समान होता है। ऐसा व्यक्ति प्रशासनिक सेवा में जाता है।

6. यदि जन्मकुंडली के लग्न व दशम भाव में सूर्य का प्रभुत्व हो तो व्यक्ति राजनेता या राजपत्रित अधिकारी और मंगल का प्रभुत्व हो तो व्यक्ति के पुलिस या सेना के उच्च पद पर आसीन होने के संकेत मिलते हैं।
7. हस्तरेखा विज्ञान के अनुसार, हाथ में सूर्य की दोहरी रेखा हो और बृहस्पति के पर्वत पर क्रास हो तो व्यक्ति को सरकारी नौकरी करने का अवसर मिलता है।

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

DARAKARAK Moon In Different Houses


DARAKARAK Moon In Different Houses

Meaning of Moon in all twelfth houses

Moon is the second planet that I am going to discuss with you today. In this article, I’ll explain everything about the moon. I’ll tell you the meaning of the moon in different houses.

Moon in lagna / Ascendant / First House

First House is called self-house, it is related to ourselves, our personality, our general health condition.
Planet Moon is related to home, environment, emotions, feelings, mind, local governance, milk, and water. Moon is also the significator of Mother in the chart.
Let’s explain how the moon behaves in the first house. In the first house, the moon forces your mind to think about yourself. The peoples having moon in the first house think about themselves first than others. They are very attached to home and family, especially to their mother.

They have a lot of influence of the mother on their personality. Mother has an important and unforgettable role in their life. These peoples are very sensitive and emotional. Sometimes they become more selfish.
In First house moon aspects 4th, 7th and 10th house. It is good aspects for property, mother, home, vehicles, and career but in marriage, they may have some emotional problems in marriage life.

Moon in Different houses — Second house

The second house is related to finance, money, social values, family, speech, and throat.
The Peoples who have moon in the second house may be extravagant, they are attached emotionally with family and wealth. These peoples are lucky in earning but it difficult for them to save money because they love to spend more money on themselves as well as their family.

They have ups and downs in finance. They have no permanent source of income, sometimes they earn a lot and some time nothing. This position of the moon bestowed a beautiful voice to the person and they will become a very good singer.
Aspects of the 8th house can become them curious about in-laws property and hidden/ occult things.

Moon in Different houses — third house

The third house is related to Short distance travel, skills and hobbies, inner courage, things related to business, information and communication skills, marketing skills, and younger siblings.

This position makes a person curious to learn everything. The third house is related to collecting information so these peoples are true learners and they tried to get more and more information about anything. They are business-oriented people and not much like to do a job under others. Because of emotions of the moon make their mind unstable. It’s really hard for these peoples to focus on one thing.

The third house is the house of mercury so these peoples have great communication skills and they become successful marketing experts or salesmen. This is also a very good position for businessmen.
Moon in the third house is good for a younger sibling, they’re very attached to younger siblings.

Moon in Different houses — fourth house

The fourth house is related to home, mother, vehicles, property, peace of mind, homeland, and school friends.
Moon in the fourth house becomes the peoples emotionally attached to the mother. Mother’s teachings and lessons mean a lot to them. The fourth house is also related to the mother so when the moon came into the fourth house it increases the energy and influence of the mother.

In a career, these peoples are really caring, emotional, and loving so they can become very good nurses, doctors, caregivers, or teachers. They can take care of others more than them. They also love to help others so these peoples will be the head of trusts or NGOs. The property, real estate, agriculture or vehicle business are also looking good for them.

Moon in 5th house

The fifth house is related to intelligence, stack market, education, romance, kids, sports, creation and innovation, gambling, and happiness.
This position of the moon shows famous peoples in the education field. The fifth house is the house of intelligence and romance and kids. Here the moon acts differently, sometimes these peoples use their intelligence and creative skills in a positive way and become highly successful and famous, and sometimes this position makes them lonely too.

For children they are highly attached to their kids emotionally, they love to spend more time with their kids. They love to teach their children and play with them. They have a lot of interest in art, and they become a good writer or painter.
The mother will be really helpful for them in education and learning. Early education is very good and memorable for them and they miss their childhood, especially school memories.

Moon in 6th house

The sixth house is also called dushtana house and also upachaya house. This house is related to enemies, legal issues, obstacles, debts, routine life, disputes, colleagues, and diseases.
This placement of the moon shows the struggle in career, suffering from debts, problems from enemies. Peoples with the moon in 6th house becomes the person extravagant. They get loans and spends on unnecessary things which can create trouble for them. They also have to face legal issues because of this. These peoples may suffer because of enemies, enemies can create obstacles and problems for them.

In career, peoples with the moon in the fourth house can become very good doctors, lawyers, and military personnel. they also become good healers.
This position of the moon is not looking so good for the mother, especially in the career of the mother. The mother may be a jobian, business person, volunteer, or social worker.

Moon in 7th house

The seventh house is related to Spouse, marriage, partnerships, marital happiness, and market place.
The seventh house is the best placement of the moon, because the moon in mind and think about himself but when it is in seventh it is in opposition sign which can able the person to watch on his enemies. This is a good position for politicians because they can deeply check their opposition tactics and react on time.

This position show business minded person. They can become goof merchants or traders; they can do the business over the seas. The mother of the person can also become a good businesswoman and she has very good bargaining skills (like all ladies).
7th house is the house of spouse and marriage so these peoples are emotionally very attached to their spouse. They give a lot of love, respect, and care to their spouse and share everything with him/her. They listen to their spouse and the opinion of spouse matters a lot to them.

Moon in 8th house

8th house related to death, re-birth, in-laws, secrecy, occult or hidden things or knowledge, shared properties, or wealth with spouse and transformation.
8th house is related to obstacles and ups and downs and it is not a good placement for the moon. Peoples having moon in 8th house may suffer because of ups and downs in life and this can make them emotionally stressed. The mother of this person has to suffer from the same things too.
In early life, they have to struggle emotionally but with the time they realize the reality of life and after the age of 30-35, they are able to overcome this situation. They become a good healer, spiritual trainer or guru, Hakeem, doctors, and also a good astrologer.

Moon in 9th house

The ninth house is related to philosophy, religion, and beliefs, teachers and gurus, knowledge and wisdom, spirituality, house of fortune, law, and faith
In this position, the moon will become a person religious. Because this is the house of religion, spirituality and karma and moon are really concerning to learn about philosophy and religion. The person having a moon in the ninth house desire to become a more successful and knowledgeable person than his/her gurus. They tried hard to learn more and more. They also become good teachers who want to teach every word of their knowledge to their students. Its is such a good sign because many peoples hide their knowledge from others.

They practice their religion a lot, no matter they are Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, or Christians or from any other religion. They learn a lot, they practice and lot and they preach a lot and this thing makes them the head of their religious places (Mosques, Mandirs, Church, Gurdwaras).
This Position shows that their mother may be highly educated too. And they learn about religion from their mother in childhood which made them more curious to learn.

Moon in 10th house

10th house is related to government, king, self-esteem, ego, career, father, top position and higher authorities
Moon in the tenth house makes a person restless till they don’t get a big achievement and authoritative position in career. They tend to get fame and a higher position in life. And they get their peace of mind when they achieve all their goals.
The 10th house is related to father, so here father has a great influence on the person. Father will also be helpful in career. Father will be caring just like the mother. These persons always think about society, that what they think and saying about them and how is their image in the public or society.

Moon in Different houses — eleventh house

11th house is the house of gains, it is also related to income, elder siblings, social circle, friends, income, earning, huge and large companies and firms.
Moon in 11th house becomes a person entrepreneur. These persons earn from social circle, networks, friends, or friends of friends. Here mother will be very helpful and become a source to gain more wealth, mother relatives will be helpful.
Business is a good idea for the persons who have the moon in the eleventh house. This position makes a person a successful entrepreneur.
These peoples have to set higher goals to achieve to serve humanity.

Moon in Different houses — twelfth house

12th house represents foreign lands, losses, expenses, hospitals, jails, isolation, and Asylums.
This is called the houses of losses, so every planet even exalted planet also doesn’t give good results here.
Moon in the house of foreign lands, losses, and isolation, as you know the moon is representative of homeland and home. So, when these peoples reach foreign lands, they can’t forget their homelands too.

They remember their home and homeland a lot especially when they are alone. They become a good writer, they write about their homeland or journeys.
This placement of the moon makes a person highly imaginative and thinker. Sometimes if the moon is weak these peoples become stressed and lonely and they use lots of alcohol and drugs. This position shows isolation from mother and health issues related to mother.

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Role Of Mercury In Different House AS DARAKARAK

Role of Mercury in our life starts from a very early age. It governs the most important aspects of a person's life: speech, nature, logic, grasping power, relationships, and is the most important planet (after Moon) in the overall personality of a person. Mercury is a planet that finally supplements the benefits of Jupiter in the later part of a person's life.

Forget about the astrologers say or what planets say. Just check if you or any of your nears and dears have the following traits:
1. One faces arguments in all relationships: be it personal life or professional.
2. One has a conflicting nature always.
3. Your speech is enough to spoil everything.
4. Nature to argue in all personal and professional relationships.
5. Decision-making power is weak.
6. Sentiments are different from logical thinking.
7. The tendency of job hopping or tendency to work from home.
8. Instability in Career for a long time.
9. The person has excellent trading skills but with a tendency to cheat/get into malpractices.
10. Facing disturbances in foreign education.
11. Sense of fear or emotional drive.
12. Faulty human and social values.
13. Does the person gets attracted to the opposite gender?
14. Illicit relationships with females.
15. Multi-tasking nature with perfection in none of the single work.
16. Speech issue with child.
17. The child is multitalented and
18. Many such characteristics to count.
These are some of the traits indicating role of Mercury in our life. All these characteristics emerge from the placement of Mercury in different houses in a birth chart. So, now let us briefly explain Mercury's role in different houses.

Role of Mercury in astrology

The role of Mercury in astrology is different at the different ages of a person. Because the importance of the signification of Mercury, as explained above, keeps changing with the age.
To understand role of Mercury in astrology, one has to understand importance/role of Mercury in different houses in a birth chart.

Mercury in the 1st house
The first house represents the person himself. It signifies the inner traits like nature and mindset and also outer personality, i.e., physical attributes of the native.
1. Mercury in the first house makes the person extremely intelligent and witty. He longs to learn and explore more.
2. Mercury in the first house, if placed in its own or exalted sign, forms a Bhadra raj yoga which bestows excellent trade and mathematical skills to the native.
3. Mercury in the first house gives a lean physique. The native possesses small eyes, an expressive face, a long nose, and a high forehead.
4. The first house is the head of the person. So, Mercury here gives a philosophical yet indecisive mind.
5. Afflicted Mercury in the 1st house may give depression and lack of moral values to the native.

Mercury in 2nd house

The second house in the horoscope deals with the speech, wealth, samskara, primary education, family, and eating pattern of the native. Well-placed Mercury in the second house benefits the natives related to all these significations.
1. Mercury in the 2nd house gives intelligence and good education.
2. A person with Mercury in the second house shows great family values along with riches in the family.
3. Mercury is a planet of communication, and here it makes the persons quite diplomatic and impressive in speech. However, if Mercury is afflicted in the 2nd house, the person may become a liar or have defects in speech.
4. Mercury in the 2nd house blesses the native with excellent trading and business skills. However, any affliction may cause resorting to money through illegal and illicit means. The person may also cheat others for money.
5. They rarely face unemployment as they find one way or the other to earn money through their influential speech. They love to play with numbers, and the fields like mathematics, finance, communication, publication, and advertisement suit them the best.

Mercury in the 3rd house

In Vedic astrology, the 3rd house represents short travels, siblings, friends, neighbors, relatives, inclinations/hobbies, courage, and communication.
1. Mercury in the 3rd house is the best placement for it. Mercury is a karaka, and the 3rd house is a house of communication.
2. So, Mercury here makes the native an influential speaker, writer, and highly social person.
3. The person may work in the fields of astrology, publication, teaching, internet, writing, mass communication, web-designing, consultancy, public speaking, travels, etc.
4. Afflicted Mercury in the 3rd house may also give harshness in speech.
5. The native can cheat others with his manipulative speech. He faces problems in travel, and education is negatively affected.

Mercury in the 4th house

The 4th house of the birth chart indicates mother, motherly love, emotions, domestic peace, education, vehicles, and buildings. The Moon rules this house in the natural horoscope. The Moon represents sentiments that don't go well with logical and analytical thinking. That's why Mercury in the fourth house is not a desirable position.
1. Mercury in the fourth house, with its benefic traits, gives intelligence, creative abilities, good education, a beautiful house and good understanding with the mother, an intellectual home environment, etc., to the native.
2. Mercury in the 4th house also influences the 10th house of profession. The native may undertake any of the work-related options as indicated by the planet Mercury.
3. Afflicted Mercury in the 4th house gives immoral character and deceiving tendencies to the native.
4. The person may be involved with other women and move to a foreign land. The home environment may remain tense and argumentative.
5. Mercury in the 4th house gives a dwindling mind and the native hops from one job to another. He may prefer to work from home as well.

Mercury in the 5th house

The 5th house of the horoscope represents child birth, entertainment, sports, love affairs, creative skills, intelligence, higher education, and speculation business, etc. This is also the house of Purva Punya i.e., merits of the past lives.
1. Mercury in the 5th house gives highly impressive communication and intellectual skills to the native. The native gets a good education, high intellect, writing, and poetic expressions here.
2. Mercury in the 5th house in different signs gives the following career options-

3. Fiery signs- Mathematics, Astrology, Vedic knowledge, Politics and choreography
4. Earthy signs- Physics, Grammar, Palmistry
5. Airy signs- Journalism, Sports, Speakers, Writers
6. Water signs - Clerk, Linguistic person, Administration
7. Mercury in the 5th house gives an intelligent first child possessing multi-talents.
8. Afflicted Mercury in the fifth house gives the person a fickle, confused and indecisive mind.

Mercury in the 6th house
The sixth house is a house of debts, diseases, daily routines, obstacles, difficulties, competition, enemies, and the valor of the native over the opponents.
1. Mercury in the 6th house gives fame but a conflicting nature to the person. He either deals with personal conflicts or conflicts of others. The position is good for lawyers, doctors, police officers, politicians, administrative officers, and social workers, etc.
2. Mercury in the 6th house gives a restless mind, and the native has to face mental anguish more than others. He may resort to meditation and seek spiritual knowledge from seers.
3. Mercury in the 6th house gives inclination towards social service. The native willingly serves lower, less fortunate, and underprivileged strata of society.
4. Afflicted Mercury in the 6th house gives poor intellect, mental and skin-related problems, poor digestion system, and genital diseases.
5. Mercury in the 6th house also causes breaks and obstacles in education.

Mercury in the 7th house

The seventh house is the house of marriage, spouse, and all kinds of partnerships, sexual life, daily business, and relations with life and business partners.
1. Mercury in the 7th house makes the native a great business partner, and the person tends to think about his spouse and marriage.
2. Mercury in the seventh house also gives an intelligent life and business partner.
3. The native likes people who are perceptive, knowledgeable, and humorous in nature.
4. If a person has Mercury in the 7th house, then the spouse of the native may be a good writer, poet, financial consultant, or may relate to other career attributes of Mercury.
5. Afflicted Mercury in the 7th house might cause misunderstandings and arguments in marriage and business partnerships. 

Mercury in the 8th house
In Astrology, the eighth house represents sudden events, surgeries, longevity, and death. This house shows the money of others, the wealth of spouse, and inheritance. This house shows property from the in-laws. This house also helps to know whether any fear and emotions drive the person.
1. Mercury in the 8th house makes the native influential in speech. The person has good longevity, wealth, inherits property, and has spiritual inclinations.
2. Mercury in the 8th house gives deep thinking and serious analytical powers to the native. This is an excellent placement for becoming an Astrologer.
3. Afflicted Mercury in the 8th house may make the native deceive others and has secret or hidden sexual desires.
4. Afflicted Mercury in the 8th house may affect the longevity of the native. He has to suffer from mental disorders, skin, and other problems, especially in the genitals.
5. Mercury in 8th gives success in the field of taxation, financial consulting, insurance, and research.

Mercury in the 9th house
In Astrology, the 9th house is a house of fortune, long travels, religion, higher education, spiritual inclination, righteousness, and second marriage, etc.
1. Mercury in the 9th house gives sharp intellect to the person. He gains spiritual knowledge and grasps abstract concepts easily. They often indulge in conversations related to education, travel, culture, and social trends.
2. Mercury in the 9th house may make the person a spiritual speaker or a head in any religious organization. The professions like lecturer, foreign diplomat, spiritual leader, or dignitary are suitable for him.
3. Mercury in the 9th house also makes the person travel abroad for education and business purpose. The person shares a good relationship with the father and Guru/teachers.
4. Mercury in the 9th house, if afflicted, can make the native atheist and fickle-minded. He shares bitter relations with the father.
5. Restlessness and desire to do multiple tasks simultaneously can be seen in the native, which adds to imperfection and failure in every task he undertakes.

Mercury in the 10th house
The 10th house is a house of profession, social reputation, image, political concerns, and ambitions of the native. It reflects the kind of profession a person will indulge in.
1. Mercury in the 10th house gives a career related to the significations of Mercury as explained above. More inclinations towards the activities involving intellect, speaking and writing skills are seen.
2. There may be multiple fields of a career as well. The person is well versant in many life skills.
3. If Mercury in the 10th house happens to fall in its exaltation, it creates Bhadra raj yoga here bringing all round success to the person.
4. Afflicted Mercury in the 10th house gives instability in the career, and the natives spoil their career due to negligence and careless attitude.
5. Mercury in the 10th house makes the native travel a lot, mostly for his profession.

Mercury in the 11th house
The 11th house in the horoscope indicates fulfillment of desires, all types of gains, whether materialistic or spiritual and windfall gains. It also shows the social circle of the native.
1. With Planet Mercury in the 11th house, the native adopts the traits of his friends and people in the social circle. They love to socialize and are always eager to learn.
2. Mercury in the 11th house makes the person excel in careers related to IT and Science. The person becomes popular, prosperous, happy, and a successful business person.
3. Mercury in the 11th house gives learning of scriptures and Astrology. The opposite gender likes the person.
4. Afflicted Mercury in the 11th house makes the native impractical and uses his intelligence to deceive others for his own selfish reasons.
5. Retrograde Mercury in the 11th house gives spiritual inclinations and causes a sense of detachment from worldly desires in the native.

Mercury in the 12th house
The 12th house represents the end of everything. It is the house of expenses, losses, hidden enemies, mysterious places, salvation, subconscious mind, foreign settlement, etc. This house deals with higher realms of life.
Mercury in the 12th house makes the native search for the truth of life. The native can establish subconscious connections with supernatural powers here.
Mercury in the 12th house makes the person highly imaginative, and they have excellent communication skills and choose their words wisely.
Afflicted Mercury in the 12th house may give insanity and defects in speech. The person may be sent to imprisonment or get hospitalized for committing a crime or for mental imbalance.
Mercury in the 12th house gives higher learning in deep subjects like occult, religion, and spirituality.

How to improve Mercury
How to improve mercury in birth chart can be a natural question in mind after reading the above article. For this, first of all one should check the actual placement of Mercury in horoscope. The best remedy to improve weak Mercury can be: chant Budh Mantra, pray to Lord Ganesha, meditate and control your speech. These remedies for Mercury can either help you or at least will not do any harm. Many times you are told to donate for Mercury, wear emerald, feed animals, wear green cloths and many generalized remedies like this. But just understand one thing: may be Mercury is already weak/debilitated and you start donating for Mercury. So, you are pushing it further away from you. Or your Mercury is already exalted and you wear Emerald. What good it will do if Mercury is already in good position. You wear gemstones for weak planets and strong/exalted ones. If you are feeling any traits as explained in this article, consult an astrologer, ask him the exact position of Mercury and then follow the right remedy to improve Mercury.

. Any specific issues,

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Crying in Dreams – Meaning and Interpretation


Crying in Dreams – Meaning and Interpretation

It is important that we are able to admit our feelings without any fear of being judged but this is not easy. It is not uncommon to see a dream in which you are crying. This dream suggests that you should consider your emotions.

If you were not able to stop yourself from crying in dream, it indicates you are feeling sad and helpless about something in your life. You must not have explored the inside to find the source of sadness. The crying dream asks you to avoid bottling up the problems you have and address them.

Such dreams represent your hidden emotions which are buried inside long ago. Crying dreams can also suggest that there are people and things in your life that you need to pay attention to.

Alternatively, if you could stop yourself from crying or cried for a short time in the dream, it is a positive sign that depicts your ability to express your feelings. Let us look at the interpretations of some common crying dream scenarios.

Meaning of dreams in which somebody else is crying

When you dream that somebody else was crying, you should remember whether it was a stranger or your loved one. If it was a close friend or your family member, the dream indicates your concern about the person.

You must be caring a lot for him/her and you fear to see the person hurt. You might be protective of the person. It can also mean that you have neglected some important person in life. If you don’t know the person who was crying in your dream, it suggests you should analyze your relations with people who are not so close to you. It is possible that you have some unresolved problems with the people around you. You might have hurt somebody unintentionally.

Meaning of dreams where you have made somebody cry

If you make somebody else cry in your dream, it is generally a negative indication. It can denote failure in work.

You might experience some loss and your plans could fail. Such a dream can also suggest that your conscience is not clean and you may be trying to succeed at the cost of others. Dreams about making somebody cry also means you regret something you have done or said to others.

Meaning of dreams about many people crying

Dreams, where you see more than one person crying, reflect your low self-esteem. You must be insecure about your impression on other people.

You must fear of emotions you provoke in others and are afraid of being rejected. Such a dream indicates that you like to be a part of a group but you fear opening up. This dream is just a reminder that you should work on such things.

Meaning of crying loudly in dream

Seeing yourself crying loudly in your dream means you will come across positive situations in life. It could mean receiving a promotion at work which would change your status.

If you cry loudly in dream and others hear you, it is generally associated with the romantic approach. If you are single and you see this dream, it can indicate you will meet somebody special. It is important to notice how loudly you cry in the dream. The louder means the luckier you will be.

Meaning of seeing your father crying in a dream

Dreams about seeing your father crying indicate that something special is going to happen in life. A big change is about to take place in your life which will impact your present lifestyle. Fathers are figures of authority so the dream could mean you will experience changes related to career.

We hope these dream interpretations help you understand how you should use the dream about crying to your advantage. It generally represents your current state of mind and you should find time to address your emotions. 

Jupiter Transit 2023


Jupiter Transit 2023

As per Vedic astrology, the transit of Jupiter in any zodiac sign leads to life's progress. Jupiter is the Guru of all the Gods, and the Guru plays an essential role in everyone's life.

 Guru is the giver of knowledge. It is considered the karaka of knowledge, karma, wealth, son, and marriage. It gives positive results from where the Moon is situated in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th house at the time of birth. In the remaining houses, it can bring positive and negative results. The transit shall be significant and takes about 12 years to complete its cycle in a zodiac sign. When it changes the sign, its effect will be long-lasting. The Jupiter transit 2023 in Aries shall be unlike Sun and Mercury’s, as these planets change signs in less than a month.


Jupiter enters Aries on April 22, 2023, 5:14:21

Jupiter transit 2023 in 1st house

With the Jupiter transit 2023 in the first house, some obstacles shall come in the life of natives. There will be a lack of contentment and satisfaction in their lives, due to which they will stay mentally stressed related to some matter. Furthermore, because of this planetary transit in the horoscope, most of the conversation might deviate into debates. Thus, you must use words carefully when communicating with others. Don't get into the whirlpool of office politics or get caught in an argument with your colleagues as it might harm your situation. For those inclined toward spirituality, this time will be favourable for them.

Your health can recover if you are currently struggling with any sickness. Therefore Guru Gochar 2023 in Aries in the first bhav shall improve your well-being, and make you wealthy, and intelligent. There will be a remarkable increase in the economic condition of the natives. Single people will find someone who is up to their expectations and get married. But be careful while looking for a partner for yourself and pay attention to the inner qualities of the person more.

  • To strengthen the position of Jupiter, wear yellow-colored ornaments. Gold jewellery is the most suitable option for this.

Jupiter transit 2023 in 2nd house

Guru Gochar in 2023 in the second house might make the person go through adverse events in the beginning. But, soon positivity will surround them. Ahead, the predictions say, there will be a rapid increase in wealth and your image in society will increase. You might become altruistic by nature during this period. Thus, there would be something that will fetch you rewards and recognition. Plus, you will develop the ability of fortune telling during this period. In other words, whatever you say might become true.

Ahead, the Jupiter transit 2023 shall shift your relations with family members in a good phase. Especially with your parents and spouse, you will have a friendly time and bonding. If any dispute is going on between you and your parents for a long time, it will end. The couples who have longed for a child will be granted during this period. But it would be best if you are cautious about your health. Contact your doctor immediately if you feel any symptoms, such as stomach disorders.

  • Donate sweets or jaggery to people in a religious place to get blessings and gain more knowledge.
  • Donate things related to Jupiter, such as holy texts, yellow cloth, yellow flowers, turmeric, gold, etc., on Thursday.
  • Serve the cows.

Jupiter transit 2023 in 3rd house

During Jupiter transit 2023 in the third house natives might face challenges in their life. People who have their own businesses must stay cautious as their ventures will slow down and the situation may turn into a topsy-turvy for a considerable period. Ahead, because of this planetary transit, you may succumb to financial troubles. Also, there may be a possibility of loss in your existing business. Professional men and women might face problems with their employers.

Personally, relations with siblings and friends might deteriorate. Thus always try to interact with them eloquently. Also, you should control your temper and keep patience to a certain extent. Along with this, you must be very careful in health matters. The good thing about this period is that you can go on a short pilgrim journey or indulge in some spiritual activities. It will exchange your peace of mind and spread courage to meet life's challenges that arise in your life.

  • Wear yellow-colored clothes daily or often as possible, and chant Guru Beej Mantra 108 times daily.

Jupiter transit 2023 in 4th house

During the Jupiter transit 2023 from Moon to the fourth house, you shall effortlessly maintain cordial relations with your relatives and family. Make sure they are on your side during any crisis. So, avoid making them upset or furious. However, you may have a rift with your mother, due to which bitterness can dissolve the relationship between you. So, be gentle in your nature. However, there can be much commotion about your home's property during this time. The enmity between the household members may grow as a result of this. It would help if you took necessary action in advance, so the situation does not worsen.

Ahead, the predictions of Guru Gochar 2023 suggest you solve all the issues through transparent conversation. If the matter reaches the court, then troubles may increase for you. You try to refrain from travelling anywhere these days. As far as economic issues are concerned, you will be able to maintain balance in this. However, many times unnecessary expenses will happen even without wanting. If you wish to manage it, costs have to be curbed. You could be required to take out a loan at this time for some reason.

  • Serve food to needy people.
  • Chant Guru Beej Mantra daily in the morning.
  • Worship the banana tree every Thursday and apply turmeric tilak on the forehead.

To know how your year 2023 will be, Talk to Astrologer

Jupiter transit 2023 in 5th house

When Jupiter will move to the fifth house from the natal Moon in 2023, there might occur many changes in the lives of the natives. Your knowledge will increase and students shall find themselves working hard to build their careers. Natives who wish to start their job will get an internship opportunity somewhere. Students preparing for the examinations will be ahead by overcoming their challenges. Especially the people who are associated with the creative field, such as writing or painting, the way forward seems to be paved for them. Their creativity will also improve. Those who are becoming a part of any new projects will get appreciation and chances of getting rewards.

Ahead, for the government officials, this planetary transit 2023 will get the full support of their seniors. In addition, those who have been waiting a long time to become parents; their wait will be fulfilled. Furthermore, parents will get the full support of their children. Also, some natives shall be irresistibly attracted to the opposite sex. Also, during this time, your financial conditions will get better. Ideas for investments may produce long-term rewards. Single people, who are not in any love relationship till now will meet someone special during this time. Students and their academic pursuits can also benefit from this transit period.

  • Donate sweets or jaggery to people in a religious place so that your knowledge might expand.

Jupiter transit 2023 in 6th house

With multiple ups and downs, natives shall confront issues in their life. In the sixth house, Jupiter will bring many problems including health issues, expenses, debt, and differences with colleagues. Ahead, the predictions say that your mental stress will increase, due to which your health can deteriorate considerably, and you can become a victim of many diseases. However, by the end of the transit, you will learn to handle your work efficiently and effectively.

Financially, things might not go as per plans. And, to avoid such a financial crisis, the person must moderate and curb their expenses. This time your opponent will bend their knee in front of you. However, on the other hand, the Jupiter transit 2023 foretells that competitors may try to influence you adversely during this time, but they will not be able to harm you. It would be better to refrain from all illegal activities else you may lead into a pit of a tangle.

  • Extend your selfless service to the poor or do voluntary work in temples. You can also help needy people in society.
  • Chant Guru Beej Mantra 108 times daily to eliminate negative effects.

Jupiter transit 2023 in 7th house

When Jupiter transit will be in the seventh house from the natal Moon, you shall seek relief in some areas. Your wife and children might share a troubled relationship and would need your support to maintain a reconciliation. Despite this, you shall develop good relations with your seniors in the office. With your in-law's side, positive contact shall start to form. However, you must maintain your tone as it can strain your relationship. On the other hand, the Guru Gochar 2023 will be auspicious for those who are unmarried, as they will meet the person who matches their heart.

Natives in a love affair can convince their family members to marry. Health-wise, things will be normal, but you must follow a salubrious and healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, could be a chance of health deterioration in between. Moreover, you can get an opportunity to go on a tour from an office, which will be fruitful for you. This will create a good relationship between you and your client, which can help you move forward in the future. Your social life is also highly active and you will thoroughly love spending time with your friends.

  • Donate things related to Jupiter, such as holy books, yellow clothes, yellow flowers, turmeric, gold, etc., on Thursday.

Jupiter transit 2023 in 8th house

When planet Jupiter will move into the eighth house from the natal Moon in 2023, you will have to work harder than others to be successful. You may tend to overspend, especially concerning business. Sudden loss in your business could be there too. This can happen because of cheating on the part of an employee. So you have to be cautious regarding your business. Meanwhile, you may explore several trips. However, some problems will cross your journey during this period. For this, you have to be prepared in advance.

Impacts of your degrading professional life will also have an impact on your personal life, as per the Jupiter 2023 transit. Along with this, health may also decline during this time. It will help if you are careful in legislative subjects. Any case open for a while will still not get any resolution. Despite all this, you should try to maintain peace in the atmosphere of your home. Thus avoid arguments with your family and friends.

  • To strengthen Jupiter, serve the cow. Also, make some donations in a gaushala for cows.

Jupiter transit 2023 in 9th house

When Jupiter will enter the ninth house from the natal Moon, it will become an excellent time for the natives to grow in their careers. So you can pursue any job of your choice, such as sales, marketing, etc. However, before choosing any career field, study well and prepare yourself mentally. Ahead, because of the 2023 Jupiter transit, there will be a high potential that your financial situation and your relationship with your boss will improve. You may get an increment or promotion and be recognized for your hard work.

The Jupiter transit in 2023 will also bring blessings to your elders and Guru. You might be inclined towards religious activities. Students' dreams of finishing their education overseas or finding employment abroad will come true during this time. In the meantime, there will be support from the in-laws' side. Ahead, as per the predictions, you will find a reduction in the level of stress at a certain level at this time. Overall, this time will be lucky for the native.

  • Wear yellow-colored jewellery.
  • Fast every Thursday.

Jupiter transit 2023 in 10th house

As per Jupiter transit 2023 in the tenth house from the natal Moon, you might have many unsatisfied goals in your head, which is why you may feel unpleasant and dissatisfied with yourself. But it is not right to put yourself in the pit of negativity. This period will badly affect your married life. You will start fighting with your spouse, even over trivial matters. All these things might lead your relationship with your spouse to weaken day by day. Moreover, it will also affect your children.

Ahead, the Guru Gochar 2023 says to eliminate such a condition from your home, you are initiated not to permit the negativity to hold your mind. Share your thoughts with your spouse by which you find yourself out of trouble. On your career front, you may tend to argue with your superiors in the office. This will also affect your work. According to the predictions, property loss is also a possibility. All this might lead you into mental distress, so it is better to be patient and remain calm. It would be good to visit religious places and spend some time there.

  • Chant Guru Beej Mantra 28 times or 108 times daily.
  • Fast every Thursday to strengthen Jupiter in your house.

To know Solar Eclipse in 2023 will affect your zodiac sign, Click Here

Jupiter transit 2023 in 11th house

With planet Jupiter in the eleventh house from the natal Moon in the year 2023 will bring immense respect, prestige, and stability to the natives. Children will become supportive and loving towards you during this time. Furthermore, you will succeed in your endeavours, even though you encounter resistance from your coworkers. You will handle it in a better way. Ahead, the Guru Gochar 2023 says that you shall enjoy many material comforts such as luxuries, jewellery, personal vehicles, and property.

Ahead, the Jupiter transit 2023 foretells that the period would be great for you to get into investments. You can invest in gold or property. Ahead, it also suggests that your romantic desires will come true. So this is the perfect time to propose to someone you haven't told about your love for a long time. Most likely, "yes" will be the response. The income graph will be steep during this time, so there will be profit in business. Additionally, you are likely to enjoy a solid social standing.

  • Serve the poor and needy people.
  • You can also render your service in temples. If possible, donate your contribution to help society.

Jupiter transit 2023 in 12th house

With the Jupiter transit in 2023 in the twelfth house, you will get mixed results. You may enjoy isolation and try to avoid your hometown and children. Your expenses will increase and you might become inclined towards spirituality, and this time you spend some on religious activities. Ahead, the predictions say, you will also explore long religious travel.

Speaking of the harmful impacts concerning Guru Gochar 2023, the period will bring difficulties and construct obstacles in business, so be cautious and deal with them wisely. Don't make decisions hastily and do not do any work in partnership with anyone or share your secrets easily with anyone. It would be best if you are careful while talking to your spouse. Don't let the situation of dispute arise unnecessarily. Overall, be cautious every step of the way. The same advice applies to your health— never take unnecessary risks. It might be fatal to you.


  • Wear yellow clothes on any day.
  • Wear yellow jewellery. Gold ornaments can also be considered.
  • Chant Guru Beej Mantra 28 times or 108 times daily.
  • Fast on Thursday.




Hora (D2) chart analysis for wealth and money in vedic astrology - detailed and practical steps

Almost everyone is running after money, trying to understand wealth in vedic hora chart analysis. But it remains a mirage for most. Using the numerous snapshot astrology "techniques" that we see so often don't take us anywhere near understanding the real wealth potential leave aside taking some practical steps to realize the potential. Then we have a plethora of cheap roadside remedies to increase the wealth. Such videos/articles go viral with millions of fools seriously hoping to get wealthy and earn handsome money using these tricks from digital marketers. In fact, those who habitually throng such videos/posts in social media are the proven ones not to make it. Cruel and sad but true. They actually chase a mirage not real wealth - whatever wealth means for the individual.

When it comes to horoscope reading, let's define 3 step approach to study wealth.

  1. The basic rashi (D1) chart structure - how supportive is it for acquisition of wealth and money. Each chart has a basic structure between ascendant, Sun and the Moon. We study some specific and clearly defined combinations to understand the natural qualities of the native to build assets.
  2. Hora (D2) chart - this analysis gives us clarity to identify the planets in horoscope that support income generation, wealth and asset building.
  3. Dhana yogas (wealth combinations) and their strength in the chart - this step gives us a definite understanding of the kind of income levels the person will actually earn and will he/she be able to convert those earnings to assets.

Divisional Charts

Rasi – D1

The Rasi Or sign which is owned by a planet called its kshetra or House.

Hora – D2

The first house of half of the odd signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius) or from 0degree to 15 degrees is the Hora of the Sun while the second half from 16 degrees to 30 degrees is the hora of the Moon..

The reverse is the case in even signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces) There, the first half of the sign 0 degrees to 15 degrees is ruled by the Moon while the second half 16 degrees to 30 degrees by the sign.

There was a request to write about Hora Chart (D-2 Chart). Let’s understand it from following points –

D-2 Chart or Hora Chart – Just like all other divisional charts, D-2 chart is also created from D-1 chart. This chart is mainly seen for someone’s wealth factor or the sources from where wealth generation would be easier to achieve. As wealth brings stability or security in our life, we all can understand the importance of wealth and this chart in life. Let’s 1st understand how Hora Chart or D-2 Chart is made?

Odd Signs and Even Signs – Divide the 12 zodiac signs into 2 groups. One group is of all Odd Number Signs and another group is of all Even number signs. Like –

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius – Odd number signs.

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces – Even number signs.

Degrees – Now, divide the total 30 degrees of sign in to two groups of 15 degrees each.

Ascendant of D-2 – First of all, ascendant of D-2 chart can either be Cancer or Leo. Cancer is ruled by Moon and Leo is ruled by Sun. It means that either you can be born in Sun Hora Chart or Moon Hora Chart. Now, to know the ascendant of D-2 chart, rule is easy.

It is –

If your ascendant in D-1 chart is an odd sign and ascendant degree is in between 0 degree to 15 degree (for example – 10 degree of Aquarius ascendant) then you are born in Sun Hora which means your ascendant in D-2 chart will be Leo.

If your ascendant in D-1 chart is an odd sign and ascendant degree is in between 16 degree to 30 degree (for example – 20 degree of Aquarius ascendant) then you are born in Moon Hora which means your ascendant in D-2 chart will be Cancer.


If your ascendant in D-1 chart is an even sign and ascendant degree is in between 0 degree to 15 degree (for example – 2 degree of Scorpio ascendant) then you are born in Moon Hora which means your ascendant in D-2 chart will be Cancer.

If your ascendant in D-1 chart is an even sign and ascendant degree is in between 16 degree to 30 degree (for example – 20 degree of Cancer ascendant) then you are born in Sun Hora which means your ascendant in D-2 chart will be Leo.

Planets in D-2 – Likewise, every planet in D-1 chart would be at certain degree in either odd or even signs and we need to follow the same rules as mentioned above to decide where a particular planet is falling in D-2 chart. Important thing is that planets would also be in either Cancer sign or Leo sign in D-2 chart.

Now, once we got the ascendant of D-2 chart and planets are placed in D-2 chart in either Cancer sign or Leo sign then we can know that things or people related with which houses can become an easy source of wealth for a person and which houses can pose a challenge for wealth accumulation & would require person to put an extra effort.

Sun Hora or Leo ascendant Hora Chart – So, if someone has Leo as ascendant in D-2 Chart then houses number 2, 5, 7, 9 and 12 can become a source of wealth and person will find these houses easier to deal with in matters of gaining of wealth and resources. In matters of other houses, person needs to put an extra effort.

Moon Hora or Cancer ascendant Hora Chart – Now, if someone has Cancer as ascendant in D-2 Chart then houses number 1, 4, 8, 10 and 11 can become a source of wealth and person will find these houses easier to deal with in matters of gaining of wealth and resources. In matters of other houses, person needs to put an extra effort.

3rd house and 6th house are considered as neutral for both ascendants as these two houses are houses of efforts and facing challenges in life respectively. Message is that you can be any ascendant in any chart but you have to anyhow put some efforts and face some challenges to earn some money in life. Nothing is going to served on a platter for you.

Many people feel that a child born in a billionaire family is lucky as he already has all the wealth and luxuries of life but if you think logically that child would have competition from similarly situated children of other billionaires. Suppose if a billionaire has gone bankrupt and lost his goodwill in market then it would be equally difficult for him to face his peers and fellow billionaires in some gathering. So, everyone has his own struggle.

Now, why houses 2, 5, 7, 9, and 12 become houses of wealth for Sun hora chart? And the other houses for Moon hora chart?

It is for the following reason -

Planets which are strong for Hora of the Sun are Sun, Venus and Jupiter.

Planets which are strong for Hora of the Moon are Moon, Mars and Saturn.

As I understand, Venus and Jupiter both are teachers in mythology. They bring the light of knowledge and wisdom. Hence, they are stronger in Sun Hora.

On the other hand, Mars and Saturn are more Tamasic in nature which is representation of Dark Energy. Hence, they are stronger in Moon Hora.

Mercury remains neutral for both Hora Charts.

Now, let's look at the houses ruled by these planets in natural zodiac or as we call it Kaalpurush Kundali.

Sun rules 5th house/Leo. Venus rules 2nd house/Taurus and 7th house/Libra. Jupiter rules 9th house/Sagittarius and 12th house/Pisces.

Hence, Houses favorable for Sun Hora Chart are 2nd house, 5th house, 7th house, 9th house and 12th house.


Moon rules 4th house/Cancer. Mars rules 1st house/Aries and 8th house/Scorpio. Saturn rules 10th house/Capricorn and 11th house/Aquarius.

Hence, Houses favorable for Moon Hora Chart are 1st house, 4th house, 8th house, 10th house and 11th house.

As Mercury is neutral, its natural houses are also neutral for both charts; i.e. 3rd house/Gemini and 6th house/Virgo.