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Monday, July 4, 2022



Planet which is responsible for past life is Ketu. So any planet in your chart if overlap ketu in another person chart than it indicates past life connection. now what do i mean by this?

Lets say if in your chart moon is in cancer, so look at the chart of the other person whose chart you are concerned about and see if ketu is siting in the sign of cancer in his/her chart also. Then yes we can say that this ketu is overlaping your moon. or vice versa.

if this connection is also showing in the navmansha chart then it is confirmed. now what different types of past life connection may be there which is continuing in this life.

if someone’s moon overlap to another person’s ketu: moon is emotions, if this synastry is there then we can say that the person have past life emotional connection with you which is continuing in this life. and due to that you both are connected in this lifetime also. it can be any kind of emotional bond that you are sharing in this life.

mars overlap ketu: some past life fight or passion you share with that person due to which you both are connected. it may be the case that the person may be your sibling in your past life. and due to certain pending karma you both are sharing this bond in this life.

venus overlap ketu: this is soulmate connection or say past life love connection. you will feel instant connection with this person. due to some reason you are continuing your love in this life also.

jupiter overlap ketu: the person may be your guru from the past life or you are a guru or a guiding angel in his/ her life in your past lives.

saturn overlap ketu: some heavy pending karmas are there between you too. it can be some past life setbacks or loans, pain etc you are sharing with this person. but it is not a good overlap.

mercury overlap ketu: this person may be your child or vice versa or he / she may be sharing some intellectual or friendly journey with you which is continuing in this life.

sun overlap ketu: sun is soul , it is showing may be this person is your father in the past life or have some soul lesson are attached to this person. your souls are connected in this journey of life. its a good connection.

Illusion that someone is connected to you from the past:

Rahu is the main reason for illusion..

If someone Rahu is overlapped by other person moon: the person with moon will be greatly affected by this overlap. Rahu is illusion or say a snake which will bite and spread the poison of illusion in the mind of person whose moon is overlapped by the Rahu of this person. He/ she will not get rid of the thoughts of the person, the person will feel that there is some connection i share with this person but that’s not true. its just an illusion nothing more than that.

If someone Venus overlap other person Rahu: Instanct attraction, physically , mentally and sexually. this combination consider good in case of partnership. as it gives a great attraction towards each other. people will think that ohh! he/ she is my soul mate. but that’s not true its a type of attraction that two people are sharing.

now last point to add is, not every chart you encounter with this overlap is approving that someone have this connection. if the person is very close to you and he/she have this overlapping then we can see by this methods that what can be the possible reason for that.

whenever we come across people synastry works, and planets of other people will affect us in some way. It can be positive or negative, but one thing is fixed that the other person have some influence on you. That’s why you feel different in the company of various people. In some other answer i will cover the topic how and what type of influence we feel in company of different people depending on the planetary positions.