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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Astrological Remedies for Extramarital Problems


Astrological Remedies for Extramarital Problems

  • Take kumkum and spread it on the side of the bed where your husband sleeps. On the next day in the morning, collect the kumkum and apply it to your Maang (partition of hair) where you apply it usually. While applying kumkum on your head, recite the name of Goddess Parvathi and seek her blessings. This is the simplest astrological remedy for an extramarital problem. It is advisable to do follow this totkas to remove extramarital affair on Sunday night.

  • Another astrological remedy for a husband’s extramarital affair is also simple and easy to follow. For this, you need to light a cube of camphor in the bedroom area. There is no specific day to perform this totka. You can perform this on any night of the week. The only thing you ought to do is to carry this astrological remedy with utmost faith and devotion. This totka is also helpful in ending the secret love affair of the husband. 

  • Another powerful remedy to get rid of the extramarital affair of the husband is to take the name of the person you think has an affair with your spouse. To follow this totka, you should take some lotus seeds (makhana) and write the name of that person on those seeds. Once you have written the letters of the name of that person, burn those seeds until it turns into ashes. This astrological remedy will help you to disassociate your spouse from that person and come out of the extra marital relationship.

How to Stop Extra Marital Affair of Wife Astrology?

Chanting the following Vashikaran Mantra is an effective remedy to stop your wife from cheating. 

|| Om Namah Kamakshi Devi (Name of Woman or Girl)
Naari Me Vasham Kuru Kuru Swaha ||

This Vashikaran mantra can attract the girl or woman towards you and help you win her again. It is one of the effective Totka or remedies to remove extra marital affair of wife. You may also Ask an Marriage Astrologer at JYOTISHGHER to know more astro remedies to stop your wife from cheating on you.

What are The Astro Remedies to Stop Extra Marital Affairs of Husband?

There are some infallible astro remedies for how to end the husband's illegal affairs quickly. The first and foremost remedy is to visit the temple of Goddess Durga thrice a week. This bestows longevity to marriage and makes your husband leave extramarital affairs. Another effective remedy is to recite the following mantra to stop a husband from cheating.

|| Namaskaromi namai shatam tuhe
Shanai cha sur de kum
Namo vidhmahe sharade sute
Sharomi kahe suda anshu dhum ||

Certain planetary combinations indicate the possibility of extramarital affairs in astrology.

  • Mercury or Venus: If your prospective groom or bride’s Moon is in trine to Mercury, it could indicate chances of infidelity. Another planet to look for is Venus. It also has a significant role to play in extramarital affairs and astrology
  • Mars and Venus in conjunction with Scorpio sun sign in the 9th house: This is a potent indication of extramarital affairs. Mercury and Moon conjunction in Gemini is also an astrological indicator of infidelity in both men and women
  • Moon in conjunction with Mars: This situation can lead to clouding of the mind, and a person can become inclined toward illicit relationships. They are more prone to cheating on their partners with extramarital relationships
  • A badly afflicted Moon and Sun in the fourth house: This can also indicate the person’s tendency toward having secrets. They can also have illicit relationships with older or aged women.
  • Moon conjunct with Venus: A scenario like this gives rise to extreme and sensuous thoughts in the mind of the native, which can hint at tendencies towards extramarital relationships
  • Moon conjuct with Rahu: A person may be inclined to have an extramarital relationship if the Moon in his or her kundali is conjunct with Rahu. This combination makes one’s mind clouded and prevents rational decisions.
  • Venus conjunct with Rahu or Mars: Venus is the planet of love and romance. Venus, when conjunct with Rahu or Mars, boosts passion and lust in one’s life. And this conjunction in signs like Scorpio, Aries, Libra and Gemini can increase the chances of an extramarital affair
  • Moon and Mercury conjunct with Gemini: Moon and Mercury, in conjunction with the sun sign Gemini (the sign of love and romance) also indicate a strong possibility of adultery. The person may also get exposed for his extramarital affair if the combination is aspected by the planet Saturn
  • Check for Punarbhu Dosha: Vedic astrology also believes that before marriage the horoscopes should be checked for Punarbhu Dosha – which is basically the conjunction of Moon and Saturn. This combination is believed to make a partner cheat and create a lot of havoc in unrest in a marriage
  • The nature of specific horoscopes: Certain horoscopes also have some effect on inclination for extramarital relationships. Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs book claims that Capricorn men are prone to straying later on in their lives. Scorpio men and women are also prone to being lusty and getting into extramarital affairs