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Monday, March 1, 2021

Past Life Astrology

 Past Life Astrology

What your south node means in astrology 
describes who you've been before you arrived in this life. However, it also indicates the qualities you should leave behind as you seek personal fulfillment. In this life, you're meant to become someone else — someone very different.
The South Node primarily represents unresolved wounds, tragedies, limitations and failures from the past, which potentially interfere with our ability to fulfill our soul-contracts in this lifetime.

1. The Sign of the South Node – the nature of who we were in this important past life – your character and emotional nature. 

2. The House of the South Node – the realm, physical environment and circumstances of the significant events of this past life.

3. Planets conjunct the South Node – Any planets within 10 degrees of your south node provide an additional layer to your past life and provide insight into your core past life personality.

4. Ruler of the South Node – another layer or angle to the Karmic story of the past life in question and may sometimes relate to a pivotal event in this past lifetime

Keep in mind: if there are retrograde planets in your natal chart, have a look at them too. Your karmic problems are closely connected with these very planets and can be associated with the following areas of life:

Retrograde planets point to the problems from past lives that are remained unresolved, as well as talents that were not realized.

  • Mercury: communication with relatives and/or friends; study, health, a gift of speech.
  • Venus: relationship, marriage, love, material wealth.
  • Mars: vital energy, enemies (from past lives).
  • Jupiter: spiritual development, social life.
  • Saturn: interaction with the authorities and/or the older generation.Vedic Astrology and Weak Planets
Vedic Astrology and Weak Planets Effects

  • If the Sun is weak in the horoscope, this means that in a previous life you were likely to commit sinful affairs in the daytime and not to perform your duties properly or even abuse your official position.

  • When it comes to the weak Moon, chances are that you didn’t respect the emotions of other people, polluted the water and did not give other people drink.

  • Weak Mars indicates that a person did not respect brothers and friends and did not give shelter to the people who he was supposed to give. The person could be constantly angry with others.

  • The weak Mercury can say that a person did not have great respect for his relatives and older people, did not listen to the opinions of other people, and destroyed a lot of trees.

  • If there is a weak or negative Jupiter in the horoscope, this may mean that a person had a big Ego, and did not pay enough attention to spiritual development.

  • Weak Venus indicates that this person did not respect or even deceived his partner (s) (both business and personal) or even was engaged in theft.

  • The harmful Saturn points that a person was not in good relations with his subordinates and maybe stole money.
Look attentively at your natal chart and find what zodiac sign you have on your 1st house.


Ascendant in Aries explains that you were focused on the inside more than outside. It means that your interest was spiritual and deeply introspective living as well as the way of life that brought some service to others. You likely spent a lot of time in solitude and were a priest, healer, a shaman, was a poet, or even a prisoner. Your past life was related to Pisces.

At present, you are free and independent and can easily devote life to yourself but avoid the cultivation of your big ego as well as being a victim.


If there is Taurus that is ascending on your first house, it shows that your previous life was somehow associated with Aries. A warrior, a general, or a successful entrepreneur may have been among your key occupations. Now you are creative and goal-directed and very ambitious. Avoid being to imperious and walking all over others.


Having Gemini ascending means that your life was full of sensual desires but you were a little bit down-to-earth. Among your potential occupations, there may have been the following: a painter, a gardener, or an entrepreneur. Pay attention to writing or seize and opportunity to become a great communicator. It is definitely yours. Get off the ground and fill your life with interesting experiences. In this life, you can.


If this is Cancer that is rising on your first house, you paid less attention to your emotional nature than to intellectual expression in your past life. There is an assumption that you were an excellent teacher, orator, or public speaker. In a word, someone who is very intelligent and eloquent. Now you are focused more on the harmony inside you, care for your family and sweet home. Learn how to balance your emotions with your intellect, and life will sparkle with brighter colors.


Leo on the 1st house denotes that you were not self-confident enough as well as full of fears to be hurt. However, you had a strong desire to take care of others and did it with great dedication. This life rewards you with confidence, inner power, and courage to live that life you really want. You tend to be a little egoistic sometimes but at the same time, you are able to love with your whole heart.


You were focused on yourself and wanted everyone around to fulfill your whims if Virgo is rising on your first house. Chances are you had a very noble past life being a king, a queen, or someone at the royal court. And now it is on the contrary. You feel the responsibility for others and do your best to make their lives better by all means. Do not forget about your needs and desires. There is a risk to lose yourself in such tireless serving.


Ascendant in Libra means that your past life was somehow connected with high society or self-sacrifice. You, as your forerunner, were also crazy about the satisfaction of others’ needs. Therefore, you could be a nurse, a chef, or a craftsman. When it comes to the high society that we have mentioned, it may be interpreted as you were a servant of the rich. In this life, you seek to find a balance between pleasing yourself and satisfying others.


Scorpio on your first house explains that your past life was aimed at finding balance and focused on pleasing your inner sensitive persona. You were likely a diplomat, lawyer, judge, painter, or a beauty contest winner. At present, you strive for plunging into mysteries of life and knowing more about human nature. Try to balance between external and internal not to lose touch with both of them.


If Sagittarius is rising on your first house, it means that your past life was inherent in deep thinking, investigations, and exploration. You might have been a scientist, writer, psychologist, researcher. Currently, you can continue to convey your knowledge to other people, do not limit your freedom, and constantly look for new adventures.


Capricorn on your first house emphasizes that your previous way was full of adventures, entertainment, joy, and fun. You could be a ship captain, world traveler, or comedienne. This time you are ready to take responsibility for your life and treat it more seriously. Career goals, hard work, and professional growth interest you more than wanderings around and a search for something incomprehensible.


Aquarius rising on your first house indicates that you were excessively disciplined and hard-working. In a word, you controlled yourself with an iron fist. In a past life, you might have been a politician, policeman, a doctor, or a president of a company – someone who had much responsibility, rules, and duties. Now you try avoiding conservatism and would like to make a discovery that will somehow improve your life as well as the lives of other people.


If Pisces is rising on your first house, it means that you preferred establishing your own rules to sticking to those made by others. You might have even managed to improve society for future generations. In a past life, you could be a genius, politician, a TV star, or a scientist. In this life, your calling is to serve others but another way – applying your skills to heal. Do not become a victim of your own grand gestures, and pay attention to your true desires too.

There are many more different ways to get to know your past life. Some astrologers actively practice reincarnation sessions, using this method of working with deep memory. However, we have collected in our blog post basic and relatively clear methods for both beginners and astrology-fanatics.

D-60 is connected to dharma and the lord of the 9th house of the rasi chart if placed in bad D-60 amsa’s this means that bad karma is the cause of your birth in this life