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How to judge delay or early child birth by Vedic Astrology


How to judge delay or early child birth by Vedic Astrology

The  Karaka or significant  of childbirth  is Jupiter as per Parashari system of Vedic astrology. 
In Jaimini system the position of Putrakaraka is judged for the propose of childbirth. 
We also see the lagan and 5th house/lord for the purpose of progeny. 
Apart from this 
the Venus is seen for the strength  of sperms or vitality  in men 
the Mars is seen for eggs in women. 
The reproductive organs is judge from Venus and 7th house in case of both men and women’s horoscope.

The following are the parameters for giving predictions about childbirth.

  1. The 5th house and its lord is studied in Rashi, Navamsha and Saptamsha chart for the promise of early or delay childbirth.
  2. The benefic plants influencing the 5th house/lord gives early childbirth. The strong Jupiter and 5th house from it also promise an early childbirth.
  3. The timely dasha of Jupiter, 5th lord, 9th lord or lagna lord is helpful for early childbirth.
  4. The natural malefic planets Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Sun gives delay in child birth if associated with the 5th house/lord and Jupiter.
  5. If the 5th house lord or 5th house is linked with 12th house/lord then it also shows medical interventions in progeny.
  6. If the 5th house/lord is linked with 8th house/lord and also receiving the aspect of Mars it indicates death of child, miscarriages and abortions.


  7. If 5th house and it lord is linked with 6th house/lord, Saturn and/or  Mars it indicates that harmony between parents and child is not good. It also shows that enemies of previous birth might have taken birth as the  children of the native during this life to settle the karmic account.
  8. If the 5th house is good but the lagna lord is weak and badly place ,  Jupiter is also in weak position then it also indicates denial of childbirth.
  9. The Saturn and Mercury associated with the 5th house/lord and the connection of 6th house/lord shows astrological combinations of adoptions in a native’s chart.
  10. The chanting of Santan Gopal Mantra and reciting the Harivansha Puran is helpful for pacifying the bad effects of malefic planets causing problem in progeny.
Few parameters as written by Vedic rishis like Parashar had written in their books to determine childbirth:

a) First condition: If Lord of 5th house is a male planet. Male planets are Sun, Mars, Jupiter. It means that if Number 5 or Number 1 or Number 8 or Number 9 or Number 12 is present in 5th house then it indicates the birth of a male child.

b) Second condition: If the Lord of 5th house is present anywhere in the male zodiac signs. 

Male zodiac signs are Number 1 or Number 3 or Number 5 or Number 7 or Number 9 or Number 11. They all are present in odd zodiac signs

Third condition: If Jupiter is also present in the Male zodiac signs. If all these conditions are fulfilled in both male and female horoscope then it shows the birth of a male child.   

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