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Inter Cast Love Marriage

Inter Cast Love Marriage

When Navmansha lord is affected by malefic planets, marriage happen with the lower caste person.

 If Navmansha lord relates to a benefic planet, it means marriage will happen with upper caste person.

 If Navmansha lord is same as your ascendant lord, marriage happens in same caste.

responsible for Love Marriage and Inter Caste Marriage. That is Rahu.
When Rahu affect the 5th house with positive aspects the relationship goes long and end up with marriage. If Rahu is not positive, relationship ends unexpectedly. If Rahu is good, you will have everything visible about your partner. If Rahu is negative you will come to know the hidden secrets of your partner after the relationship break up or after a long time.

The other thing is Navmansha Chart of horoscope. This is like real horoscope of your life partner. This tells everything about your life partner. Whether you will have love marriage or arranged. Your love affair and relationships. Your relationship fulfillment or break up could be analyzed by your Navmansha Horoscope.

Feel free to ask about your horoscope by sending your details in comment box below. Like us and share your date of birth in the comment box below to know how will be your marriage, inter caste or arranged marriage:


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